Seamless collection of PROMs and PREMs

eCaptis is a remote patient monitoring platform designed to securely capture and report patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and experience measures (PREMs). The platform uses in-depth patient-specific questionnaires and real-time feedback to provide the foundations necessary for rapid clinical intervention.

Measures captured from eCaptis can be used to increase positive engagement between patients and clinicians and improve quality of life and symptom treatment in patients.

Secure, flexible platform

Fully automated

No apps required

"The team is talented, visionary and effective. So easy to work with"
Stuart Miller
Director, Canberra Sleep Clinic

"The Medicity team was an enormous help in developing a user-friendly system customised to our specific needs. Our project has been efficiently improved by a platform that seamlessly conducts multiple surveys simultaneously, and allows us to track and analyse our participant's progress and responses"

Victorian Lung Cancer Registry

"eCaptis is a user friendly platform designed to support the clinical workflow of nurses, clinicians and researchers in oncology care. I chose to use eCaptis for the development of PROMs and patient experience surveys due to its low cost, customisable options, time efficiency for development and the high level of consumer support provided by the Medicity team. Patient feedback says that completing surveys online are easy to do which is reflected in the high level of compliance (>85%)."

Dr Tali Lang, Cabrini Health

Seamless automated collection of PROMs and PREMs

The onboarding of patients, scheduling of PROMs, triggering of alerts and reporting of data are all fully automated, which allows for a highly efficient PROMs program requiring minimal resources to administer

Flexible software that allows for customisation

eCaptis is well suited to many common use cases including healthcare registries, telehealth programs, clinical research studies and early discharge programs, thanks to the flexibility of the platform. There isn’t a hospital PROM program that we haven’t been able to accommodate yet

Highly secure - built for health, by health

Security is paramount – that’s why eCaptis utilises advanced encryption techniques to protect all patient data at all times. Additional security features including technical safeguards, audit protocols and a robust credentialling process help to prevent unauthorised access to data

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