A telehealth platform for remote monitoring and live digital engagement

HealthKite is a comprehensive remote patient monitoring tool. The platform connects patients with remote care teams to seamlessly collect and transmit physiological data from home to hospital to improve health outcomes of patients. HealthKite supplements its advanced patient monitoring with a suite of tools designed to drive patient engagement, increase efficiencies and drive down care-related costs.

The HealthKite platform consists of two key components: a browser-based portal accessed by the care team, and a tablet-accessible patient interface, supplied with a kit of biometric devices.

Simple and intuitive patient interface

Bluetooth devices seamlessly capture health data

Real time transmission of vital health data

Identify early warning indicators and trends requiring intervention

HealthKite’s intuitive patient interface means it is incredibly easy to navigate and operate. This helps to ensure a high level of compliance whilst also providing a seamless patient experience, regardless of the patient’s level of technological competence.

Plus, our kit of biometric devices captures and wirelessly transmits health data back to the portal without the need for manual entry, further simplifying the data capture process for the patient.

Reduce total cost of care

Vital health data is transmitted from patient to clinician in real-time, allowing for rapid interventions and clinical decision making.

Automated alerts can be configured on a per clinician or per patient basis, in order to further simplify this process.

Simplistic patient interface provides a seamless user experience

Remote care / telehealth platforms in general have been proven to reduce the total cost of care whilst also reducing the likelihood of hospital acquired infections.

The HealthKite solution provides great value for money and is a cost-effective alternative to some of the more expensive alternatives.

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